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Your household inkjet on steroids. DTG printers use patented technology to print your design directly onto the garment. This is a great option for low quantity, multi color designs or photographic artwork with fine detail. Works great on light or dark garments!

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Why Use Direct-To-Garment?

ANY QUANTITY - Only need a few shirts? Custom digital T-shirt printing can get it done for you! Single shirt orders and small-batch capability make DTG a great option for flexibility in the number of shirts you can order.

• FULL-COLOR - Unlike screen printing which applies one color on a shirt at a time, DTG printing can easily print a full spectrum of colors.

• HIGH-RESOLUTION PRINTING - Need to print a your graduates senior picture on a shirt? DTG printing can do it! One advantage DTG printing is its capability to print in fine details.

• LONG LASTING - DTG prints directly on the garment binding itself to the fiber. This allows for the design to stick around long after your t-shirt starts to fray.